Accounts Payable for Small Businesses – change the number crunching culture

Remove all the paper from the process and focus on growing your business. The manual entry of data is inefficient, time-consuming and prone to errors.

Natwest business or commercial account required. A monthly fee may apply.

The UK’s only end-to-end AP solution

Designed for small businesses, APtimise is the UK’s only end-to-end invoices and payments solution, removing the frustration of the traditional Accounts Payable process and making it faster, more accurate, simpler and secure.


Remove the need for manual keying by automating your invoice processing. It’s proven to reduce the time spent on Accounts Payable by 50%.


Digitised approvals, pay ments and instant notifications made simple. Easily log in to our web-based solution from any device with internet.


Reduce the chance of human error with smart automation such as invoice-to-PO matching as well as 99,5% accuracy read rate at line item level.


Active monitoring for signs of fraud and full visibility of audit trails. Backed by NatWest, it comes with bank-grade security.

Manual data entry

Are you manually entering invoice data into a finance or ERP system? If so, you will well know that the process can be inefficient, time-consuming and prone to errors. It not only consumes a lot of valuable resources, it can also open the doors to mistakes. Also, any mismanagement of physical AP papers like invoices can lead to damage and loss.


By using the UK’s only end to end accounts payable software, you regain control and unrivalled visibility at every stage of invoice processing – from invoice capture all the way through to payment execution.

Inefficient process

Manual entry can result in late payments and unhappy suppliers. You are running a risk of your account being suspended or charged a significant interest fee. An inefficient manual process can put a lot of stress on the members of the accounts payable team –they have to be extra careful when entering data into the system.

Happy suppliers and AP team

By introducing an automated solution, you allow your team to focus on more strategic tasks, so important to future success of your business as well as the progression of their careers. It will also help with removing the amount of errors due to manual data entry.

Storing papers and other physical documents

Manually filing and storing papers and other physical documents can take up a lot of space and add ongoing storage costs.

Easy management of information through digital filing and storage

Having everything organised for easy access and tracking will not only give you a peace of mind, but will ensure you’re always prepared for an audit.

What’s APtimise worth to your business?

Work out the potential savings you could make with the easy switch to APtimise.
50 purchase invoices received per month
1 payment run per month
10 hours saved a month

“The data capture amazes me. There's very little human input, so there's less chance of errors and typos. It's very clever technology.”

Office Manager, Spectrum Chemicals
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